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Disability Support Services Carmel, IN


Compassionate Support Care Services in Carmel, IN

Everyone deserves their independence, even the developmentally disabled. That’s why we provide support care services in Carmel, IN. Our team works with adults who suffer from intellectual disabilities that make living alone a challenge. We lift the stress of family and friends, who constantly worry about their loved ones, by improving the quality of life for these individuals.

At Gray Residential Services, we offer support to disabled adults to ensure they can stay secure within their homes while maintaining their freedom. Our specialty is determining if someone can live on their own, without additional care. We work closely with the family to identify the required details on the Medicaid waiver process and establish behavioral goals, as well as an emergency plan.

Support Programs

Through our disability support programs, we take an approach that focuses on the relationship between one’s behavior and their environment. We utilize a variety of therapeutic techniques that emphasize a disabled individual’s ability to live independently, gradually altering their behavior by making positive changes to their setting.

Programs for Family Members

If you’re regularly acting as the primary caregiver to a disabled loved one, we offer respite care programs to help ease your stress. Our team is equipped to take over your responsibilities for a limited time, giving you an opportunity to relax and unwind or take care of any appointments and errands. We believe in a gradual improvement to daily living, which allows you, your disabled loved one, and the caregiver to develop a relationship that results in more independence and a better quality of life for everyone involved.

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