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Disability Support Services in Carmel, IN

Establish a home for a developmentally disabled adult that allows them to retain their independence. Gray Residential Services offers disability support services in Carmel, IN, that improve the quality of life for your loved one. An intellectual disability presents a series of limitations that make independent living a challenge. Our team is ready to work with adults that are dealing with functional and behavioral disabilities to ensure they are safe and secure in their homes.

We connect you with the resources needed to improve the life of a disabled adult. Our focus is on making the life of the individual more manageable. That includes support for the caregivers as well. Families can often become overwhelmed in their attempts to care for an adult with an intellectual disability. They require more assistance during the day, and that can prove difficult for someone trying to manage a family and a career as well.


Start a discussion about what is needed to ensure that the disabled adult is able to live independently. Our discussion will include any required details on the Medicaid waiver process. We can establish goals for improved behavior and plan for emergencies. Our disability care group is available around the clock, so you can rest assured that any crisis is manageable.


Creating Sustainable Progress

Building a sustainable and meaningful life for a loved one begins with a focus on the relation between behavior and the individual’s environment. Our approach includes behavior management services. Through a suite of therapeutic techniques, our team attempts to gradually alter behavior by changing one or more aspects of the individual’s environment.


Improving the individual’s ability to live independently is a major focus of our efforts. We emphasize the importance of self-care and mobility, and we help you with the Medicaid waiver process as well. Community habilitation is a service that connects the adult with the community to ensure they are safe and secure in the home.

The Respite You Deserve

When you work with a group that focuses on the independence of the developmentally disabled adult, you get the respite you need. Our assistant care program includes respite care for those in the family. A loved one who is providing regular care needs time for their lives. We offer respite care programs and time-limited breaks for those in the home. The approach is designed to improve the relationship between the caregiver and the individual while providing them with the therapy they need. Ask about our respite care and our emphasis on improving daily living today.


Contact us today for disability support services that promote safe and secure living in the home. We proudly serve individuals and their families in Carmel, Indiana, and surrounding communities.


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